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Christmas snowflake
JW Goossen Xmas Letter 1993

Christmas 1993

Dear Family, Fried-Ends and Anyone else that Canada Post might bring this to,

Another year has passed, no surprise there. We all hope that things have come and gone well for all of you. To continue where we left off last year - we had our fifth and final child (actually we're still having fifths now and then and final is assuming the sword is mightier than the ...). All entries in last year's name the child contest were too late and so we choose the one we wanted which was Natalie Grace. Our first non Biblical name, but since Natalie means Born at Christmas and that, combined with Grace, sums up this time of year so we thought it appropriate. Had she been a boy, the name would have been Ezra, although it didn't get that many votes.

So where do we go from here, which is the way that's clear. Joan and I have both been peddling pretty hard this year and both of us hope the other one is in control. Business wise, this year has involved a lot of travelling - Quebec City, TO, South Africa, Orlando, LA, SJ(Do you know the way), Australia and Singapore. Also Aukland, Kuala Lampur and Taipei for an hour each. It's not as exciting as it sound. All of a sudden all these rock songs about being on the road seem to make sense. Joan and I did manage to squeeze in a 3 day trip to the NASA Valley. We couldn't find the space shuttle, but there were some nice wineries. We did return to Oliver this year, even though our van wanted to continue on. We also had a nice weekend on Quadra Island (even caught a fish).

My partners decided to go their own ways in the spring and after a busy and hectic summer, I have a new partner and so another adventure begins. Stay tuned...

On a sadder note, I was forced (by popular opinion - "This car stinks, Dad") to sell my beautiful, low mileage, 1968 classic 4-door hardtop green Chev Impala. Everybody figured that if someone was going to come out of the blue and offer money for it, I should just take it and run. Well I took it and cried. Now I take the 52 seat limo to work.

As if there isn't enough action at our house, in August we had someone else move in. Our nephew, Richard, moved in in August to attend Langara College. Main assets: he can do lawn and rake leaves when properly motivated (i.e. pictures of Manitoba winters). Main drawback: he has introduced the dreaded Pepsi into a Coke only household. So I drink Coke and watch him work. So far, so good.

The children are all doing fine. Every time I think about age (which isn't that often, except when Joan reminds me) I just talk to one of the kids. They grow up so quickly, I figure that in another 6 or 7 years they'll have all passed me by and then they can wait until I catch up. Last year it was music, this year it's TV. They all have to watch Full House (three times a day if possible). At first they thought it was about our house, but we soon found out different. We didn't even want to live in that neighbourhood. What ever happened to Leave it to the Best Known Father of Three Sons. I'd even settle for Rockin Ricky and the Nelson family. Or true to life comedies about the Skipper and Elly May, and Jethro and Ginger all stranded in Beverly Hills. Time to get a satellite dish and find that educational channel with 24 hours of Get Smart.

Let's see, to sum it up we've got John, Joan, 5 kids (Rachel, Bethany, Hannah, Tabitha and Natalie), a border (Richard), a hamster, same house, same van, same summer holiday, same old, same old. I guess if you knew us last year, you'd still know us this year. Although any picture you might see has been altered by computer to make John look heavier. Hopefully we get to see some of you this coming year, and vice versa, so that we might continue to know each other.

For anyone who got this accidentally or got lost after the opening line, a refund is available. To everyone else have a good Christmas.


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