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Christmas snowflake
JW Goossen Xmas Letter 1990

Christmas 1990

Greetings to All!

Everyone in our clan sends greetings (I think clan is appropriate, given the size of our family - now I know why the Irish talk about their sainted mothers). So what have we been up to this year. Well for starters I have continued on my schooling which will be over before I write another one of these letters, one way or the other. A year ago we moved into our house and had Tabitha, this year we did neither, that must mean we are thinking of moving in the coming year (or something). And so it is. Tabitha is allergic to dust and the dust we have is not allergic to her. So it was either we vacuum the rugs or we move. We have more experience in moving. Stay tuned.

The kids have been growing like weeds. Those of you with kids will know what I mean. So will those of you with weeds. Rachel started school, that wonderful institution to which we sacrifice our children in the hopes that group socialization will turn them into individual thinkers. I've already been called a dude and Rachel hasn't even seen Bart Simpson live, only on T-shirts. Rachel was talking about some new kids on the block, so I asked her to invite them over and she just laughed. Get me my walkin' cane, I think I just fell into my first generation gap. Bethany is in preschool, church based so that we can presocialize her. Every time I try and turn off the TV I hear a group refrain of "but Dad, it'll be right back after these messages". This made me decide to get a computer. At least if they are going to watch something, I want them to be able to fight back, although I am beginning to doubt that Donkey Kong is a step in the right direction. Bethany and Rachel both got bikes for their birthdays, started swimming and piano lessons, so lately we've been having a wet, wild and noisy time. As typical yups, we have the kids so overbooked that they only have every other Thursday afternoon off and Joan and I see each other for coffee on the third Sunday of the month.

Hannah is almost through the wonderful twos. (Yes wonderful, what do you expect, she might read this at some time and I have to be careful.) Her favourite phrase is "What are you guys talkin about?" and she's constantly trying to figure out why we only seem to have two of everything and there never seems to be one for her (as the older two are quick to point out). Tabitha is getting mobile and she has three teeth. Still hangs onto Joan quite a bit. Her personality is shining through and it appears that like the others when her mind is made up, she's not afraid to show it. I guess that runs in the family, on her mother's side. Now I will run and hide.

Here's wishing you all a very quiet and peaceful Christmas, we could sure use one.

John, Joan, Rachel, Bethany, Hannah and Tabitha Goossen.


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